Who is My Voice?

My mum sat on her hospital bed end of March 2020 in the final stages of cancer and told me she didn’t want to die. A week later she was gone. This was a woman who knew displacement and racism her whole life. As a coloured woman in Asia and Australia she struggled with discrimination, being female and multiracial. White Suffragettes, you ain’t know nothin’. This blog is dedicated to her. It hopefully raises awareness of the lived everyday experiences of women like my mum, like me and my coloured female relatives who are still trying to gain representation in countries that seek to perpertuate a narrow exclusive identity and yet espouse the importance of multiculturalism and pluralism.These posts are  feelings, emotions and experiences and I have a right to express them. I won’t be gaslighted into thinking they are not real and I won’t apologise if you can’t get the metaphor.

If you don’t ‘like it (my posts) then you’re welcome to leave it.’ I extend the standard immature, arrogant response that many who express displeasure in Australia are given. You’ll see I welcome no conversation nor debate on my thoughts as I’ve deleted the comments section. I want the broader community to view a monologue of thoughts without engaging because that’s just how we like it in Australia. I’m attempting to fit in.