Foreword and Forewarning

I know there are people in this world who have some really serious problems to work through. Some are escaping from war torn countries, others can’t even get shelter, food and clothing. There are some real life threatening diseases people have, disabilities that can not be reversed, psychological problems that are hard to overcome, basic human rights that aren’t met, injustices that will never be righted, babies and children gone from loving families. My little rant on this blog pales and it pales significantly.

One thing however that I won’t ever concede is that one person’s reality is lesser than another’s. Unless you walk in someone else’s skin you will never know what life is like for someone other than yourself. Theory of Mind allows you to ‘imagine’ what it might be like to be another person but you can only use this intermittently and it can never be as permanent as ‘being’ another in all situations. I am not a victim here but I will say this might perhaps be a first-world problem for a non white in a predominantly white society.